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Congregation Arzei Darom 

Shavuot Night Learning

We are looking forward to another wonderful Shavuot night learning. This year, we will be bringing back the overnight BBQ! Thank you to Yosef Rothstein who will be handling those duties!

We will also have a spread of delicious dairy options as well. Thank you to Holly Ohren, Jeff Katz, and Mark Einhorn for spearheading that effort.

Thank you to those families (so far) who have kindly sponsored the night's learning:

Barber, Knoll, Knoll, Borodach, Weinberger, Akerman, Rabinovich, Montag, Krupnik, Littwin, Einhorn, Schwimmer, Polinsky, Rabitz, Schlussel, Rosembluth, Lipschik and Eisenman, Rosen, Cohen, Guttman, Rose

If you would still like to sponsor, please contact Ron Goldewert or Donny Knoll.

In terms of the night's learning, thank you to Eric Segal for setting up the evening's rotation, and to all those who will be teaching Torah throughout the night. Here is the roster:

11:30 - 12:10 - Rabbi Ciment
12:25 - 1:05 - Jody Eisenman
1:20 - 2:00 - Rabbi David Bassous
2:15 - 2:55 - Chanani Sandler
3:10 - 3:50 - Rabbi David Nachbar
4:05 - 4:45 - Rabbi Akiva Levy

Rabbi Ciment will also be giving a shiur for women at 7:30 PM on the second day of Shavuot.

Chag Sameach!



Arzei Darom Color War


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Graduation Kiddush 2024


We are excited to have our annual Graduation Kiddush scheduled for June 22nd. To participate, please email Holly Ohren at and include the graduate's name and school attended so we can list the names in our roster. Whether it be from nursery school or college, your child will be thrilled to be included in an elite group.


The cost to participate is $36 per name and all participants will be recognized in the weekly announcements and on Shabbat morning.
Please email Holly no later than June 15th with your names so we can plan accordingly.


Women's Book Club - Aug 3


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Construction Update - June 5

  • Prepared south room 027 for slab on ground, inspections of slab preps passed
  • Insulate walls for Rabbi's office and at stairs
  • Placed concrete slab on ground at addition 
  • 2nd floor apartment changes
  • Additional ceiling framing in Shul at electrical access areas for feeding apartment
  • Lumber delivery for basement interior wall framing
  • Barrier Wall by Honikman's completed
  • Addition cellar layout plates for wood stud interior walls; perimeter plates on fdn walls
  • Surveyor mark out grades on perimeter walls
  • Mtg regarding windows bullet resistant glazing, etc.
  • Frame cellar interior wood stud partitions
  • Paulie painting apartment
  • Domestic water service pipe out to Norma Rd


  • Temporarily turn off gas. At west excavate, waterproof; backfill
  • Floor sheathing and first floor wall framing
  • Concrete knee wall along Norma for exit gate
  • Extend Siamese FDC


There will be a walk through of the construction site this Shabbat morning after davening.





Rabbi Ciment's Weekly Shiurim


Everyone is invited to attend Rabbi Ciment's weekly shiurim in the sanctuary: 

  • Sunday morning Rambam shiur at 7:50 am
  • Shabbat morning parsha shiur with commentary from the Ramban at 8:30 am
  • Sifsei Chaiim (During daylight Saving Time): 15-20 minutes before Shabbat afternoon Mincha
  • Sifsei Chaiim (Standard time): after Friday night Ma'ariv
  • Weeknight Parsha Shiur via Zoom (WhatsApp 201-233-1683 for the time and link)


Youth Groups Relocation


Due to construction taking place in the shul, youth groups have relocated to the tent on the Knolls, 721 Carrol Place.

9:00am Kinder, Junior & Girls Davening will all start at the tent for group games, board games and snacks. 10:15am Children will be split to their age appropriate groups for davening and parsha.

10:15am Parent & Me will be hosted by Rabinovich Family, 269 Vandelinda Avenue and corner of Carol Place

If you have any questions please reach out to the Youth Department. We look forward to seeing your children in our temporary new location!


Smichas Chaver Program at Keter Torah with Rabbi Ciment
Weekly Semichas Chaver Program for Men



Arzei Darom is a Modern Orthodox Synagogue
serving the South of Cedar Lane area in Teaneck, NJ.

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Rabbi Ciment's Shiurim

Daf Hashavua: Daily at 6:10 am

Parsha shiur: Wed or Thu nights

Chumash Shiur, with commentary from the RamBAN: Shabbat 8:30 am

RamBam:  Sunday mornings at 7:50 am, in shul

Rabbi Ciment On-line on-Torah on YU
Audio from Rabbi Ciment's Yeshiva University shiurim are available online!

Lend A Hand WhatsApp Group

We have formed another WhatsApp group to allow members to help each other during this time: Arzei Darom Lend A Hand
Thu, June 13 2024 7 Sivan 5784