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Considering a Move to Teaneck?
Heard about our kehilla?
Check us out!

We love hosting guests for Shabbat. Please send an email to info@arzeidarom.org to arrange spending a Shabbat with us.

The Rabbi's weekly shiur is now on Wednesdays at 8:30 pm in shul.
Halachot of Shabbat (8:15 am, Shabbat morning) - Hilchot Borer

Care One Bikur Cholim Volunteers Needed

Bikur Cholim volunteers wanted to add to a rotation list!! Looking do something different with the kids on Shabbos? Arzei Darom's Birkur Cholim coordinates visits with residents at the Care-One on Teaneck Rd. Visits are usually 30-45 minutes in length to visit, talk, read, take outside or to the dining room, whatever!! You will be put on a rotation list so you will know which week you should go and you can always trade with someone on the list.

Please send an e-mail to bikurcholim@arzeidarom.org ATTN Susan Taubes.
Please resend an email if you haven't been put on a rotation list yet.

Host an Oneg! Host a Tot Shabbat! No Experience Necessary

We are looking for members to host Friday night onegs and Shabbat afternoon Tot Shabbat programs. To host an oneg, send an email to kiddush@arzeidarom.org, attention Rocky Cohen and to host Tot Shabbat, send an email to youth@arzeidarom.org.

Planning a party? Know someone who is?
Our social hall is available for your private affair. For rates and other information please send an email to hallrental@arzeidarom.org.

Yahrzeit Memorial Plaques

If you are interested in purchasing a plaque, please contact Ron Goldgewert or e-mail

Rabbi Aharon Ciment
Email: rabbi@arzeidarom.org
Rabbi's Cell: 201-233-1683

President: Ron Goldgewert
Email: president@arzeidarom.org

info@arzeidarom.org / Arzei Darom
725 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck NJ 07666