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Simcha Guidelines for Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Aufruf

Below are the general shul guidelines for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Aufrufs.  


  • Please contact Donny Knoll ( to reserve a spot for leining, Valerie Levin (, to place the event on the shul calendar, Holly Ohren ( to reserve a kiddush, Mark Wiesel (, to reserve a room (if necessary), Rabbi Ciment, and the gabbai (Shabsi Polinsky).

This will allow for greater flexibility in fulfilling and optimizing any special requests.

Leining (reading the Torah)

  • Any Bar mitzvah who wishes to lein parsha Parah or Zachor needs to talk to the Rabbi

Kibbudim- Honors

  • For the Shabbat of the simcha the family will be offered an aliyah for the Bar Mitzvah Boy or Chattan plus three additional alliyot.

  • Efforts to give the family additional alliyot will be made subject to other member needs (other chiyuvim/s'machot), and at the discretion of the Rabbi and gabbai.

  • Customarily the Bar Mitzvah, relative of the Bat Mitzvah, or chattan will lein the Haftorah

  • Fathers, sons, and brothers are not called up in succession for alliyot

  • Please fill out the kibbudim (honors) template by clicking here. Or by going to the online form on this site online form. Hand-written names on paper are also acceptable.

  • It is not the regular minhag of the shul to give out Hosafot (additional alliyot)

  • Hagbah can be given out by the family to an experienced guest, at the discretion of the gabbai

  • Gellilah can be given out by the family to any male over the age of 13

  • Father-son and brother combinations are avoided for Hagbah-Gellilah

  • Petichah-opening of the Aron Koshesh  (and Hotza’ah if applicable for a second Sefer Torah) can be given out by the family to any male over the age of 13.

  • Petichah for אנעים זמירות can be given to any male above or below Bar-Mitzvah

  • Please give the gabbai, in advance, a list of the Hebrew names of all honorees (and potential honorees)

  • The Rabbi has asked that all men who receive honors, arrive early enough in shul to daven Shacharit with the Tzibur (congregation).

Ba’al Tefilot

  • The family is welcome to recommend relatives or shul members to lead Kabbalat Shabbat, Pesukei D’ Zemirah, Shacharit, Musaf, concluding services, Adon Olam, Yigdal, and Mincha.

  • The Rabbi has asked that whoever leads Musaf, also arrive early enough to daven Shacharit with the Tzibur

  • Friday night davening and shabbbt mincha davening is reserved for yartzeits.

Candy Tossing

Kosher & pareve soft candies with a Kashrut symbol approved by the Rabbi can be tossed towards the Bar Mitzvah boy or chattan – Only after the final brachot of the Haftorah.

We recommend handing out candies only after the Haftorah begins. (There's enough time & the noise involved in handing out candy interferes with the Torah leining)


Bar/Bat –Mitzvah Speech

  • The Bar or Bat Mitvah may choose to speak Shabbat morning, either before or after kiddush.  Please consult with the Rabbi ( or president ( for further clarification.


  • If you wish to sponsor Kiddush or Seudat Shlisheet the week of your simcha, please contact Holly Ohren at and Donny Knoll (

Room Rental

  • There is a separate form for room rental. There is a fee for a private lunch or dinner. If you do not have the form, or have questions about the form, please contact Mark Wiesel at

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