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Details, Alliyahs and Such for your Simcha

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Ba’al Tefilot * (pending approval and Yarzeit’s of shul members)

The family is welcome to recommend relatives or shul members to daven Kabbalat Shabbat, Pesukei D’ Zemirah, Shacharit, Musaf, concluding services, Adon Olam, Yigdal, and Mincha.

The Rabbi has asked that whoever leads Musaf, also arrive early enough to daven Shacharit with the Tzibur

**Please tell the chazzan that it is our custom not to repeat words during chazaros HaShatz. It is wonderful to have family members lead services, but if they feel uncomfortable or inexperienced--reconsider. We are also stricter in regards to leining.

Anyone wishing to lein from the Torah requires testing by either David Blass or Ron Goldgewert months in advance.  David Blass can be contacted at If the bar-mitzvah boy is taught by an experienced teacher from the community, please have the teacher contact David Blass directly.

Any Bar Mitzvah who wishes to lein parsha Parah or Zachor needs to talk to the Rabbi

Petichah - opening of the Aron Koshesh  (and Hotza’ah if applicable for a second Sefer Torah) can be given out by the family to any male over the age of 13.

Petichah during the concluding service can be given to any male above or below Bar-Mitzvah

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For the Shabbat of the simcha the family will be offered an alliyah for the Bar Mitzvah Boy or Chattan plus three additional alliyot.

Customarily the Bar Mitzvah, relative of the Bat Mitzvah, or Chattan will lein the Haftorah

Fathers, sons, and brothers are not called up in succession for alliyot.

Efforts to give the family additional alliyot will be made subject to other chiyuvim/s'machot, and at the discretion of the Rabbi and gabbai.

It is not the regular minhag of the shul to give out Hosafot (additional alliyot)

Please give the gabbai, in advance, a list of the Hebrew names of all honorees (and potential honorees)

The Rabbi has asked that all men who receive Kivudim, arrive early enough in shul to daven Shacharit with the Tzibur

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What is the Kohen's Hebrew Name?

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Shelishi - Hebrew Name

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Hagbah can be given out by the family to an experienced guest, at the discretion of the gabbai

Gellilah can be given out by the family to any male over the age of 13

Father-son and brother combinations are avoided for Hagbah-Gellilah

Hebrew Name

English Name

Hebrew Name

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Names of women to include for misheberach after Aliyah (Hebrew name and father’s name)  Kallah / Bat Mitzvah / Mother / Wife / Daughters / Others

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