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Shabbat Chayal - Osey Chail - May 7


Founded in 2016 by Aharon Granot of Kiryat Arba, Osey Chail ( is an organization  supporting soldiers from Charedi backgrounds, who because they have joined the IDF, are estranged from their families, and are therefore designated as Chayalim Bodedim (lone soldiers).  It all began when Aharon heard about a soldier who had no home to go to during time off from the army and invited him to his own home for Shabbat.  Upon learning about many soldiers with similar circumstances, Aharon set out to care for as many of them as he could, providing for them not just an apartment to be their physical residence, but to give each of them a “home”.  

Osey Chail currently provides 20 apartments around Israel, with most of them in Kiryat Arba, for approximately 70 chayalim. At this time, there is one apartment for female soldiers from Charedi backgrounds, as well.  Since its inception, Osey Chail has helped over 200 soldiers. Each apartment has an adoptive family that makes sure that all of the soldiers' needs are met.  These families invite the lone soldiers for Shabbat and Yom Tov meals, make sure they have food in their fridge and provide much needed emotional support and a family environment.  One of the most important roles these adoptive families play, along with the other volunteers of the Amutah (organization), is being the proud  “family” that attends their army ceremonies and makes sure the soldiers never feel alone.  Osey Chail also provides for the availability of three psychologists, takes the chayalim on trips two times a year, buys clothes for them, and when possible, works to reconnect soldiers with their families.   Recently, Osey Chail has partnered with other organizations to help soldiers post-army, both financially and with educational and job opportunities.  

Osey Chail is supportive of these chayalim in every aspect of their lives. Their mission is to give them a stable home and sense of family, unconditional love, and unending support, regardless of their current religious connection. Osey Chail builds up these young people and enables them to lead meaningful and contributory lives during and after their military service. 

Every year, Teaneck area shuls designate a Shabbat around Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut as Shabbat Chayal, where we choose a tzedakah connected to the IDF to give our support.  As in prior years, Shabbat Chayal is dedicated in memory of Ilan Tokayer z”l of Teaneck, who proudly served in the IDF as a Chayal Boded (Lone soldier).  This year we have designated Shabbat, Parshat Kedoshim, May 7,  as Shabbat Chayal.   We will mark Shabbat Chayal by raising money for an organization called Osey Chail.


All monies raised will go to the tzedakah and not to any kiddush or other events.  The sponsorship levels reflect the names that correspond to divisions in the IDF, see below.


Sponsorship levels:

Matkal $500

Duvdevan $360

Shiryon $250

Tzanchanim $180

Nachal $150

Givati $100

Golani$ 54

Kfir $36


Wed, July 17 2024 11 Tammuz 5784